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About Friskis&Svettis Örebro

Friskis&Svettis Örebro is a non-profit organisation offering all-round training in a variety of classes as well as traditional gym training.  The organisation is run by 320 people working on a voluntarily basis. We are an organisation completely financed by our members and the members are making all the decisions regarding our future and development. We are driven by our vision, not by making money. Any profit is going straight back to our members by for example educating more instructors, providing better locations, new gym machines or other things that develop the organisation.


As a member of Friskis&Svettis Örebro you get access to three well-equipped fitness centres: Kvarnen, Öster and Söder. Regardless of what kind of excercise you prefer, we‘re hoping that you’ll like it here. Find us »

What we offer

We’re offering a wide range of all-round training in classes or in the gym.

Gym and specific, individual training

Conscious training with a specific goal in mind is fun. At our three fitness centres you’ll find all you need for a fun, tough and functional workout. Do you need to get back from an injury, complement other training, get inspired or simply get in shape? We have several gym instructors you can book for instructions, but you’re also free to just ask an instructor who is available in the gym. We are also offering classes in the gym for groups of 2-8 people where we for example work with equipment such as kettlebells, TRX or exercise balls. You can also book an appointment with a personal trainer (PT). 


You can choose between 160 workout classes per week. There are 25 different types of classes as well as different varieties of these. We usually divide them into the following categories:

Dance and choreography
Here’s plenty of room for steps, rhythm and show time in different styles and genres. The dance classes at Friskis&Svettis focus on the feeling, attitude and character of the dance. It is playful, without any rules or demands for accuracy.

Instruction-based classes
In these classes we focus on functional training. It is all about training with a specific goal or purpose in mind and understanding the exercises. The classes are based on an instructional leadership. Examples of classes are Skivstång (enduring weight training), Box (fitness boxing), Yoga, Cirkelfys (circuit training) and Core.

The workout class Jympa is a Friskis&Svettis classic. It is flexible, functional and easy to follow. Jympa is a perfect example of all-round training. In just one hour you get strength, cardio and flexibility. The classes all have different personalities since the instructor chooses his/her own music.

Spinning is an indoor cycling class which focus on individual cardio training. It is really hard work if you want to or just as easy and laid-back as you like. You choose your own level and the instructor guides you regarding strain and resistance.

Indoor Walking
Individual cardio training carried out on a cross trainer. It really makes you sweat and you activate your whole body. Resistance, starting position and pace vary during the exercise, but the feeling remains a mix of running and cross-country skiing.

Cirkelgym (circuit training in the gym) is a popular group training class where you work individually at different stations/machines in the gym, supervised by an instructor. We focus on enduring weight training, where the cardio part can be considered a nice bonus.

Outdoor Training
Outdoors we offer Running and Cross. The Cross class is a combination of jogging and weight training at different stations. The Running classes mix different exercises that challenge your endurance, technique, speed and runner’s strength. Our goal is great variation in pace and resistance. Hard work is mixed with recovery sessions.

More information

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